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Online Business Management & Marketing  

Working together with an online business management team long-term gives you the benefit of having an experienced and savvy (pun intended) business partner and support team who have “been there and done that” and who know you and your business inside and out – while you retain the authority and ownership you’ve always enjoyedYou don’t have to be the only one checking items off of your list!  

Here’s a summary of our Primary Service offerings, which are infinitely customizable to you and your unique business needs:


Need an OBM and a Team
Need an OBM to Support and Manage My Team


Our services are one-on-one, done for you services, and we are fully invested in our client relationships. You’ll quickly hear us start talking about your business as “ours” and your team as “us.” Our clients are always on our minds. We’re constantly thinking of new ways to serve you, and have been known to text each other in the wee hours of the morning when a great idea strikes.

It takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to serve our clients in this way, and we wouldn’t want it to be any different.  It’s because of this that we limit the number of clients that we work with at any given time.

“From the beginning, Jen asked lots of great questions in order to understand my business and my long-term goals.  My entire team is virtual, so Jen’s focus on business systems and processes has helped all of us be more efficient.  Working with her has given me freedom and more time to spend on the things that I do best.

Tony Hill

Founder, IMG Publications

OBM Strategy Services

Strategy & Planning Services

Our Planning Services are all about creating a focused business and marketing strategy that will propel you toward the vision you have for your business and for your life.  Annual, quarterly, and monthly Strategy-focused meetings – along with a real-time Business Intelligence Dashboard – help us monitor, measure, and improve the efficiency and ROI of the Systems and Support services we’re providing to you.  You’ll benefit from a simple, focus business strategy that moves your business forward in a real and measurable way.


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OBM Systems Services

Implementation Services

As soon as we’ve agreed on your strategy, we work with you to fully develop a plan for execution of your strategy.  After all, a plan without action is just a dream, right?

We work side by side with you to Automate, then Delegate your business tasks.  Project management, launch support services, and the design and implementation of systems and procedures all originate here and help ensure that our work on your behalf is as efficient as it is productive. You’ll benefit from accomplished goals and objectives for your business – without having to get in the weeds yourself.

Mix and match from the following areas:


Funnel Building & Management

Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, and ClickFunnels are tremendously powerful tools!  YOU don’t have to be the one setting up campaigns, workflows or integrations. Your work with us is an investment that goes toward building a lead generation factory and assets that will continue to deliver value for years to come.

Relationship Management

Your relationships with prospects, customers, colleagues and partners are the core of your coaching business. It’s vital that your team represent your brand consistently, confidently,  and compassionately to ensure your relationship building efforts contribute to the bottom line.

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing – both organic and paid – is an important part of your outreach strategy.  We believe that social media, no matter the platform, is all about building relationships with your current and potential clients – not just another medium for shouting out your message, trying to be heard above the internet din.  Consistency is key here as well.

Content Management

Online marketing can require a lot of content production, and if you’re in need of Content Strategy or Copywriting Services, we can help. Blog posts, written in your voice with your ideas and content and optimized according to your keyword strategy are one of our specialties. Vlogs and podcasts are incredibly effective right now.

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“Jen helped us set up systems that give our clients a consistent and professional experience each and every time.  She’s helped us to slowly but surely grow our online marketing efforts while staying within our budget, and she is always on the lookout for ways to improve our current efforts.  Her commonsense approach continues to save us time and money.Miles Fiscus

Manager, Rush Creek Adventures