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Unless you’re already making a million dollars a year, here is the secret to success…


I first heard about the Five Ones from Clay Collins, founder of LeadPages, and later from Taki Moore, author of Million Dollar Coach. The premise is simple, but not easy.

  1. Choose ONE target audience
  2. Choose ONE product
  3. Choose ONE conversion tool
  4. Choose ONE traffic source
  5. Commit ONE year to these ONES

“Oh!” you say. “Piece of cake!”

Yes, and no…

Let me tell you story about one of our former private clients. John and I spoke about the concept of the Five Ones in our initial strategy session, and John was all in. “Great idea! I love the focus! Let’s nail it!”

Literally one month later, my session with him goes something like this:

“Jen, we gotta change something up here. This isn’t moving fast enough! My buddy has been telling me about the new thing he trying on Facebook and I’m really impressed. I think we gotta try something different.”

The lesson here is that sticking with the Five Ones is a TREMENDOUS exercise in patience and restraint.

However, if you’ll stick with it, it will pay dividends. If you’re experienced with online marketing, you know that there are literally millions of things that can be tweaked and improved, even while staying within the confines of the Five Ones.

Staying the course, tracking the data, and staying super focused pays off BIG, even if it takes a bit to gain momentum.

What’s even better? The next set of Five Ones you’ll work on will produce results AT LEAST twice as fast.

Know why? Because you’ve spent a very focused 12 months intensely studying the ROI of every tweak and edit you’ve made to your funnel, giving you amazing insight into what works and doesn’t work with your audience.  

Which metrics matter most to successful business growth?

Discover how to measure the ROI of every tweak and edit you make to your Five Ones funnel.