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Your small business outsourcing strategy requires an awareness and understanding of what’s included in the 20% of your work efforts that produce 80% of the results.

Pareto’s Principle: 20% of the causes produce 80% of the effects.

As a busy entrepreneur, this means that 20% of your work efforts produce 80% of the results. Or that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients. Or even that 80% of your complaints come from 20% of your customers.

Where is your task list?

Mentally tracking your tasks can be overwhelming and make you feel like the list is bigger than it actually is. Getting all that data out of your head and into the physical (or digital) world allows us to review it, look for patterns, and neatly sort everything into the 20% or 80% column. 🙂

Transfer those tasks from your brain into the physical world (of course, you can use multiple pages). The Delegation Form will help you do just that!  Keep your list front and center this week so you can note additional tasks as you think of them.

  • Jot down all tasks that you ARE doing (don’t forget those “occasional” tasks, in addition to regularly occurring ones).
  • Jot down all tasks that you ARE NOT doing because you either:
    • Don’t know how to do it, or;
    • Have no desire to do it.
  • Indicate the amount of time spent weekly on each task.

Free up some of that precious mental bandwidth  –  start downloading…  It’s the beginning of an efficient and effective outsourcing strategy for your small business…