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Infusionsoft Tutorial: Custom Dashboard

As a busy coach or consultant, you probably have someone running Infusionsoft on your behalf, but you still need to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening there, and that means metrics.  In this video, Paul shows you how to set up a custom dashboard that will display the metrics you want to track as soon as you log into Infusionsoft – without having to dig around to look for them or remember which report provides the data that you need.  Want to know more about how to leverage your time and effort?  Click here.


Hi, everyone. This is Paul from Savvy Assist. Today, I want to talk to you about the navigation bar in Infusionsoft. What all of you might know, is if you click up on the Infusionsoft logo or hover above it, you’ll see a bar on the left-hand side called My Nav. These are actually editable which is in here. This is where you reach your shortcut and if you want to do a lot of the time. A better way to do, if you click here on edits and then you can click those Xs and get rid of anything that you don’t want in your nav. Then you can drag in anything else that you want in there.

I find it to be useful to have a few things in there. As you can see these tools one has come up on the right-hand side which you can’t normally see. Ones I recommend you have in there are dashboard, my day, calendar, also take out tasks and files, okay. Drop them all over there. Once they’re there, just click done.

Now we’ll just do okay to refresh that. You see now if I hover over it there or there and you can see that tools one which was over here on the right-hand side is no longer there anymore. These are really useful, but the best thing we have really in My Nav is the dashboard. Now I’ve cleared the field of the dashboard at the moment which has left me just with this customizer dashboard option. I click there then I go through a few that I’d recommend you have.

First of all, I’d recommend you have recent activity. This one basically shows you anyone that who use opened and email or clicked the link opted out or anything like that, so that’s a great one to have. Recent activity is a great one to have. Add that in. Then click back up here to add widgets to add some more in.

Then the next one after that I also recommend we have a look at then is add your email stats. Take that one, add it to dashboard. This place it can shows you how many emails you’ve sent recently, how many opens and options and bounces that you’ve had. We just click here and add widgets.

Now if you are using your calendar in tasks in Infusionsoft, you’re going want to include your calendar items. What I do, calendar items, add to dashboard. These will basically show you anything you are due to do. The next one I would then recommend, is we’ll just go down a little bit, is tasks just to see if anyone allocate an new tasks. They might be allocated by individual users or by automated assistant, but it’s worth having tasks in there as well. You can see what’s due today or past due in your task or you can always create a new task here for somebody else. Jump back to the add widgets again.

The next one I recommend you then have there are contacts. Just to keep an eye on how many contacts you have. This one account, I like to go 5,000. This is really handy because it actually allows you to filter your contacts here by tag. You just type the tag name in there, you can actually filter by contacts. Jump again back into add widgets.

The next one I recommend you then have is, these two left, fulfillment jobs, and fulfillment jobs can be provided through campaigns. These basically just give you a list of people but it can be used for fulfillment for selling a product up or you need to get in touch with people.