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Train your Team

+ Install Systems

Every Winning Team Works from a Playbook

Here’s What Wealthy Entrepreneurs Know…

The most successful and profitable businesses are simply a collection of systems. Systems eliminate waste and inefficiencies while at the same time producing consistent, predictable, reliable results. [This isn’t news to you, is it?]Do YOU lack the time or enthusiasm (systems aren’t really FUN, are they?) to design and implement the very systems your business needs?

If so, your business systems continue to reside in your head, and you and your team continue to re-invent the work that you do, Each. And. Every. Day.

The inefficiencies leave you frustrated, overwhelmed – and some days even angry – why does running your business and managing a team have to be so hard! What if the business fails? What if you fail? What does that mean for you? your team? even your family?

You, Running a Wildly Profitable Business?

You get PAID to be on the field of play – to be working with clients and delivering the products and services that drive revenue in your business. For more than ten years, we’ve helped our clients stay on that field of play while we’ve supported them with systems and training to ensure their businesses run smoothly, effectively, and efficiently.

Over those 10+ years, we’ve designed and implemented hundreds of systems for our clients and for ourselves. We can’t work with everyone, but we’re sharing the forms, templates and tools that we use with our private clients to support your work.

If you want the massive profitability (and peace of mind) that results from reliable systems and a trained team, these Playbooks are the answer.

Each Playbook includes a unique combination of templates, checklists, and tips essential to the system, as well as a list of tool we recommend to help you automate.

Some of the Ways You’ll Benefit From These Playbooks

Customizing a Playbook makes it faster and easier to implement systems.


The team understands what's expected and performs well, working within their respective areas of expertise.


Management is a breeze because everyone understands the objectives and metrics.


Your work becomes proactive instead of reactive.


You and your team begin to notice time that wasn't there before.


Clients and partners begin to notice and comment on your responsiveness and reliability.


Ready to Implement?

Do It Yourself

Customize the templates and set up the Client Onboarding automation yourself.

Give it to your VA

Hand these over to your Virtual Assistant to set up your Client Onboarding automation.

Hire Us

Get the turn-key DFY service from our team of experts, and we'll set it up for you.


Do You Measure What Matters?

In the world of metrics and analytics, it’s easy to get lost in the data. There are literally thousands of different metrics to track. We’ve intentionally kept this document short to focus on the metrics that matter most to successful business growth.


How Do You Onboard Your Clients?

The Client Onboarding Flowchart shares a simple, five-step path for new client intake in your coaching business. This flowchart walks you through the five onboarding phases and forms that you’ll need each step of the way.

Which Tools Do You Recommend?

The Tools Resource Guide pulls back the curtain for a glimpse into our agency operations.  In it, we list the top tools we use and why we use them so that you can use them, too.  (And some of them are FR*EE!)

How Are You Showing Up Online?

Connect with your customers by ensuring the accuracy and visibility of your business’ location information on top search engines, directories, apps and social networks. Get a free report that shows where YOUR business currently ranks.