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Are YOU a Biz Whiz?

Score your business in 15 key areas related to consistent business success (and YOUR satisfaction as CEO).

Savvy Online Business Management Team Seeks Smart Successful Coach for Long-term Partnership. Must love working in your genius zone and empowering others to reduce your overwhelm. Side effects of collaboration include higher revenue and increased freedom of time.

Just about every successful entrepreneur I know created their own business with two goals in mind:  more money and more time.

And often – because we love what we’re doing – we entrepreneurs get so caught up in making a living that we forget to make a life. It’s OK – I struggle with it sometimes too…

SavvyAssist is a talented team of online business managers that specialize in everything from strategy and systems to social media and content marketing. If you’re a busy coach and consultant with a flourishing, successful practice, our team helps you:

simplify operations

streamline lead generation

achieve the impact, income AND freedom you’ve  dreamt about..

If you’re tired, stressed and frustrated with trying to maintain the status quo (instead of moving your business forward in a big way), our Online Business & Marketing Team can help.

“Jen is a world-class problem solver and incredible asset to any team she may find herself on. She and her team have an expansive business skill set and take the utmost pride and accountability in their work. Combining her business acumen with her incredible leadership skills and the heart of a lion, Jen’s a true force.”

Chelsey Siltanen

Director of Digital Strategy, Siltanen & Partners Advertising

What Makes our Online Business & Marketing Team Different

We’re a virtual-based (yet remarkably cohesive) collective of talented individuals that each work in our own area of genius. We’re a small boutique agency that values a good old-fashioned partnership with our clients – the very definition of true collaboration!

Team Approach

We’re the ultimate turn-key solution for coaches and consultant who want to maintain an online presence. Whether you’re in need of a graphic designer, a web designer, a copywriter or a public relations guru, our team of skilled and efficient professionals has you covered.


Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, and those that aren’t fail quickly. We live where you live. We’re all entrepreneurs and small business owners. We understand your trials and tribulations and know how to seek out and take advantage of opportunities. We’re in this together!


Everything the SavvyAssist team does on your behalf is done with anticipation of maximum growth. We build and document systems and procedures that will contribute to the value of your business today, a year from now, and beyond.

Focused on ROI

We know and understand that you want to see a return on your investment. From the get-go, we determine which metrics matter most based on the stage of business you’re in and what’s most important to you


Our team takes the time to understand your business as well as your personal work style and preferences so we can anticipate your needs and work proactively on your behalf.



Thanks to monthly strategy calls, weekly check-ins with your dedicated Solutions Manager, a shared, cloud-based workspace, AND access to your real-time Metrics Dashboard, you have full insight into the work we’re doing on your behalf.

SavvyAssist has the level of creativity and follow-through that are important to me. They have the ability to come alongside you and learn about your business and what you're trying to achieve. This team has been instrumental in helping my business grow... [watch video] ”

Steven Schlagel

Founder, Steven Schlagel, CPA, PC

How will YOUR life improve?  Time saved. Money earned.

Our clients typically cut their work week by at least 25%.  That’s around 10-20 hours per week that you no longer have to commit to your business. Do what you want.  Wanna cheer at your son’s baseball game?  Go, fight win!!  Need to catch up on yard work?  Grab your rake (sorry we can’t help with your lawn). Ready to build that next amazing program that’s a game changer for your clients? We’ll definitely help you implement that one…

What about the extra money that shows up as you add or refine a few “one-to-many” packages?  Surprise the family with that new big screen TV!  Remodel the basement (oh wait, that’s  my list).  Pay off that lingering debt!  Take the beach vacation you’ve been dreaming about!  Donate it to a charity that is important to you.  Or drop it in a savings account until you can make up your mind (#adulting).  It’s all up to you – do what you want…

A Trustworthy Investment

We know it can be tough to find a virtual team that is trustworthy and dependable.  So many dive into the virtual assistance industry with little business acumen and high expectations of easy money and loads of free time.  We’ve watched those same folks come and go quickly, sometimes leaving their clients in the lurch.

SavvyAssist was founded in 2008, and we’re proud of our longevity in a challenging industry where most last less than six months. Our business has grown by leaps and bounds, thanks in large part to word-of-mouth and referrals – which we consider to be the best compliment you can possibly give.  We still work with the first two clients that hired us in 2008.  

I created SavvyAssist in 2008 with the idea of putting my super organized, color-coded brain to work helping my clients stay focused and organized so they could effectively share their gifts with the world. What began as a virtual assistant business quickly grew into much more. The SavvyAssist crew now operates from around the globe helping coaches and consultants uplevel their online business game.

"Not only was my launch done beautifully, but Jen helped me understand all the steps, took all the stress out of it, and then during the event itself, the team was absolutely there to make sure it went off flawlessly...  working with SavvyAssist was a true blessing! [watch video] ”

Misti Patrella

Founder, Coach Misti